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*Inhales deeply* Ahh, the dynamic ambiance of an off-beige studio apartment.
*Enter Philips Hue, mood ring of modern lighting.*

AD: Jesse Austin

Philips Hue - Print 1
Philips Hue - Print 2
Philips Hue - Print 3
Philips Hue - Interactive Installation

Interactive Installation

Selfie Booth

This traveling photo booth allows users to express themselves with the help of the Hue Lighting System. Users select a lighting color, pose and receive their free photos instantly. The bottom of each print reads "#HowDoYouHue?" encouraging users to post their photos on social media with hashtag.

Philips Hue - Stunt


The Hue Crew

Amplify your moments with a team of Philips professionals that will turn your evening of hanging out into a party you'll never forget. We'll bring the colored ambiance lighting, drinks, food, and a DJ whose music will sync with the lighting. Color your night with Philips Hue.

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