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An official chronology of Hayley

Hayley Professional Profile Pic.png

More specifically, a lifelong bout of creativity. Featuring fruitful flights of fancy. And wit that could poke an eye out. Welcome to Hayley.

Hayley Dupree

A Bout

In a Headline

Purveyor of Finely Woven Words

In Long Copy

Wifey. That’s my name, though it rolls off the tongue of only one other. It was at nineteen that I converted to half a person, joining with my best friend against the concept of divorce as much as in pursuit of marriage.

It is this readapting of norms which has come to mark my forehead. Not scrapping mores, but making their essences work for me as I fashion a custom path toward my goals. And as an Ad Ma’am, “Wifey” has grown into my personal brand.

The persona of Wifey is chronically, though not terminally, curious, hovering just under the limit of asking too many questions. Wifey is a lexophilic language DJ, spinning syntax into melodic tapestry. Wifey is thorough, formidably-versed in the dictates of English. And Wifey is driven, inventing job positions that pay to create portfolio pieces.

But more than anything, Wifey is kind, maintaining the role of peacemaker at work and attributing a foundation of benevolence to God’s goodness. These are the fundamentals of Hayley.

If you have further interest in Hayley's strands of rearranged alphabet, please reach through the screen and let’s shake hands.

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